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great stuff alisa! i like this guy. you really have gift at finding very interesting links. im going to spend some time next week going through his blog.

Originally Posted by hierophant View Post
just being very cautious these days. got some bad reactions for "teaching" friends...
i hear you brother!

and we should all be very grateful to each other to be able to have this conversation with each other!

you know when i first started watching your latest vid and it started off with what appeared to be a homeless man being interviewed and he was talkin about how people are not aware enough of all the beautiful butterflies flying around..... and i thought, jesus.... im going to have to smoke some dro just to be able to get through this video from you to be able to critique it! lol and i usually dont like smoking that early in the day but i took one for the team just for you, and a few bowls later at that end of the video when he was asking his guests if awareness could be aware of itself? omg!!1 the look on their faces was fuckin priceless! and made it so worth watching! lol

priceless! lol hell half of them could not even wrap their head around the question! lol

so anyway im real grateful to you guys and many others on this site. and i am not embarrassed to admit that im wanting to figure out a way to develop awareness better to where i can talk with god, source, or whatever or whoever it is thats aware of my fucking awareness. lol and i want to use that real intelligence from awareness to help us deal with the small % of dick heads who are controlling this society and fucking up our planet.

you know the bitches who disconnected us with our true self!

so i will for ever be grateful to you guys

anyway thats jsut where i feel my pull coming from. we all have our 100% pure different unique paths and none of them are going to be perfect (which makes them all perfect!!!!) and so i dont even know why i get caught up in comparing others paths with mine, i guess i still got some awareness in me to develop lol and i cant wait till i get that big nasty space cleared out.

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