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What is Awareness by Sen

Read all of it... even the comments... all the way to the end.

Do all brains have the same capacity for awareness?

The obvious answer is No. Not all brains have the same capacity for awareness, though an average human brain has to have the highest capacity for awareness among all other species on earth – the level of awareness of birds, insects and animals is far lower than humans simply because their brain is not so highly developed in this center – why should there be such a discrepancy? Simply because it’s not life’s intention to create brains with high awareness in these living beings, they are meant for different intention. Of course, there are many humans whose level of awareness is no different than an animal – in some cases their brain does not have the faculty to develop awareness and in some cases they’ve never developed their ability for awareness. If a human’s brain does not have the capacity for awareness, it’s not a problem (it’s not like something went wrong), it’s just the way their brain is – it syncs with the intention of their creation, they are not lesser to any other humans, they fit in this world just as much and have their own intention to live out.

The deal would be to develop your capacity for awareness to the extent possible – it’s “personal” to your brain. There are people who have strong awareness center in their brain, even in their childhood, this leads them to feel a high sensitivity, and in the absence of an emotional maturity, and understanding of life, it can be a source of suffering. Just because you have high awareness does not mean you have a good understanding of life. Understanding of life needs to be developed through introspection, reasoning, maturity and looking at things in a deeper manner. The advantage of this era is that there is so much information and knowledge available (especially due to the internet) that one can easily have access to a lot of understanding in short time.

Some drugs strongly activate the center of awareness in the brain, sometimes taking it to an unnaturally high level. Too much awareness (usually activated in an unnatural manner) is also not a good thing because it amplifies your senses so much that it overwhelms your brain and body. People who take such drugs can suddenly feel very alive because their awareness become very keen, they start seeing beauty in the most ordinary things around them, like a plain tea cup or a drab wall. Though it’s an unnaturally amplified awareness, it can still give you a glimpse of how your experience of life can deepen when your awareness is high. The only deal is that when your awareness is unnaturally high (as induced by drugs), you are so overwhelmed by your sense perceptions that you lose your ability for wisdom because you lose touch with your inner guidance.

In fact, a lot of people who start developing the power of awareness in their brain, initially feel a bit overwhelmed by their increased “sensitivity” to their body and mind – it’s as if they suddenly got plugged into a higher voltage of everything, including the force of their negativity, causing them to feel overwhelmed for a while. But soon you adjust to this high level of awareness and your body adapts to this increase. The benefit of higher awareness is that you can be more strongly aware of your negativity, even subtle patterns of them and thus can start letting go more easily. It’s easy to be lost in negativity when one has low awareness, because there is no space to even see one’s own negativity. Once you start developing awareness, it’s like upgrading your room lights from a 40 watts bulb to a high wattage flood light, it just makes things more clearer and vivid, so that you can identify negative patterns more easily.

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