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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
what are you saying?

that the observer cannot be the observed?

were already doing that when we observe our thoughts.
yeah, observing thoughts, call it self-inquiry or whatever you want, happens naturally for every human being. unfortunately, most of us get caught up in observing and then classifying the observed in good and bad, right and wrong etc. we love to create stories around the observed, feeding them with every new thought...

i'm much more curious about what's going on when you're having a flow experience, for example when making music or cooking your favorite meal. flow experiences point to a sphere where the observer forgets to observe himself and is totally immersed in, or aligned with what is! this whole thing is not about presence but about absence! absence of self-awareness = pure joy

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
just me asking this question means theres a fuckin answer.....
within every question lies its own answer. depends on the focus of your mind. "where attention goes, energy flows"!

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
the fuckin cosmic joke is that nothing ever becomes complete.
does it have to? and who's in the position of judging what's complete and what's not complete? do you really know? can you know at all?

sidenote: when i read my words, i somehow sound like teaching you something. that wasn't the intention. it's just what i think about it after reading a lot of stuff and testing it out through direct experience. some of it i can really prove with my own eyes, some of it is just intuitively felt.

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