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Originally Posted by hierophant View Post
i take this with a grain of salt
what are you saying?

that the observer cannot be the observed?

were already doing that when we observe our thoughts.

are you saying that the knower and the known will always have to be separate?

why the limitation?

last year i did not know how to observe my thoughts, but now that is known. so that means what is unknown today will become known tomorrow. and i want to know who the fuck is this knower that would know this lil self within self?????

please explain to me why the knower cant ever know its self?

why do you BELIEVE in the limitation that would not allow the observer observe the observed?

come on hierophant hang with me my friend, and stop limiting yourself.

just me asking this question means theres a fuckin answer.....

we have lost our divine lovin selves, and i burn to remember how to put us back together again. but i try not and take it to serious, because i intuitively know, the fuckin cosmic joke is that nothing ever becomes complete.

Enlightenment comes when your third eye is at one with your turd eye and you can see your own shit." ~Christopher Wynter.

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