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Originally Posted by hierophant View Post
i appreciate "lonestar happening" on this forum btw

and i appriciate you hierophant.

i even went to bed thinking about you last night ( nothing sexual lol) but i was thinking how grateful i am to explore this with you, and forcing me to go even deeper within myself.

thank you

and yes theres is no little me, but there is a lot of that lil me still left to hack away, to allow our divine self back in.

like i said, all our problems come from this disconnection from our true self.

divine love

anyway lately i have been trying to merge more with our true self by observing the observed as the observer lol and i swear to god! sometimes i feel like neo looking at his reflection in the spoon. lol

Originally Posted by hierophant View Post

p.s.: how do i embed videos correctly?

go down to the share link and highlight
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