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Originally Posted by hierophant View Post
best documentary about awakened consciousness (together with "who's driving the dreambus") i've seen so far
really? lol


i thought it was trash.

nah im just kiddin, i thought it was Beautifully Funny.

there is nothing funnier than watching miserable lazy rich white people look for short cuts to happiness. lmao


and let me sum up this selfish video for any lurkers on this thread.

and btw hierophant before i do that, why DO you add these videos to this unity consciousness thread?

DO you really think they help us evolve consciously?

what are you trying to DO? be honest cause thats what i love about you.

anyway the video is the same ole selfish me awareness crap and that its all just a dream propaganda trash.

you know....the same ole, same ole.... its all just an illusion so you should only just focus on self awareness......

yea buddha figured out this shit thousands of years ago and i cant believe its still be pimped!!!!

do these selfish "aware" people really think that they are being their true divine self, with just this selfish awareness shit?

listen people dont go down this dead selfish path, instead focus on creating some space in yourself to allow your true divine self to enter, which will then allow grace and love to enter. all our problems are from this disconnection from our true divine self, which is love.

life is not just about being a empty dream, and looking at butterflies, and drinking it all in...


learn to become our real Self thats before this selfish self Awareness.

ps i love how the video ends with that carnie pimp daddy mooji. lol
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