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Lightbulb Effective Sound Frequency Entrainment (entheogens)

Hello again to all! I have a topic to share that may be of interest!
As I have mentioned before, an entheogenic pathway has lead me to many interesting revelations and experiences.
I feel excited to share thoughts and experiences relating to altered states of consciousness, and from my end I know one recent area I’ve become involved with, is most certainly to be of interest to many group members.
Lately none of my psychedelic experiences have been as profound as a new kind of sound frequencies …that apparently entrain the mind powerfully into states very closely approximating the types that salvia can induce. These are not at all similar to binaural beats and are a completely new breakthrough.
I know of a scientific researcher who seems to have engineered a way to emulate a significant part of the salvia experience purely through sound! If this is of interest to anyone for me to share more about my experiences, just let me know.

p.s. This very well could have been posted in about 11 of the other forum sub-sections.. but i decided to just post here because I Couldn't decide which one!
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