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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
Really ?

don't encourage him dave! He has not seen through the hegelian dialectic charade

he's not trying to break people out of the paradigm

Seems like you just want to make up peoples minds for them.

I'll give you an A for effort. You certainly don't want my message heard on this forum.
Interesting how you cut out the bit of my post that makes an informative point that helps people to see what you are doing

I've engaged you in reasonable debate for 4 years in the face of your abuse and your attempts to twist what i say. I would say i've been very patient

All you are doing is asking people to eschew the corporate right in order to embrace the state-socialist left but as i demonstrated to you with the video of the 'socialist' dennis skinner all the social democrats (socialism through reform) on the left want to do is borrow money from the rothschild cabal. They are not looking for solutions to the false paradigm...they are part of it!

They are just more expressions of the same system and that is what all your debating points have been

I notice you never comment on chemtrails or vaccines and that makes sense because those things are imposed on us by the state so you would have no ideological problem with that
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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