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Here are some pretty cool links about natto. I hope you like them...

Making the Stinky, Sticky, Slimy Beloved Superfood of Japan: (Natto)

Making natto from chickpeas

Making natto using a rice cooker

Making natto in a yogurt maker

After I watched these videos I've decided that first I should try eating some of the natto I bought to see if I even like it. If I do I think I will try combining all the methods in the links above I just posted; making my first batch my own way with pinto beans because I have tons of them on hand. I will cook them in my rice cooker ( I cook them twice, using double the water for rice each time). It is a fool proof way of cooking all kinds of beans including pinto and garbanzo, my two favorites. You just set the rice cooker (twice) and forget about it.

Next I will ferment them with my yogurt maker because my rice cooker isn't digital and the temperature wont go low enough to make natto. Seems like a good idea to put a steralized shop towel over the natto instead of yogurt lids like the guy did in one of the videos I posted.

I will use the remaining natto I bought from the store as starter culture.

I have a lot of experience making cultured foods and have successfully made yogurt, sauerkraut, Pickles, fermented onions, carrots and celery medley and many other vegetables. I've even grown my own mushrooms so I should be able to make natto. At least I hope so...
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