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Originally Posted by eurosianguy View Post
I'll buy that. Russian has to be made up too. You basically just stick a "ski" on the end of every word and you have Russian. And Spanish could well be made up. Put an a at the end and voila, Spanish. Like farmacy is farmacia. Those darn (insert group) are out of control, making everything up. Edit: I don't know what the reason is for faking all these languages. They could be doing it for the lol's. A big practical joke.
Agreed! If TPTB can fake entire countries like Finland and Australia, then making up noises and calling it a language should be easy. (For anyone who has never even heard of the Welsh language, look it up both written and spoken. How anyone got away with it since 1983 is a mystery FFS!

In addition, if TPTB can cover up the true shape of the Earth, and terrify into silence thousands of NASA and other folks about the fake Apollo stuff, what other languages are fake? But more worryingly - why...?
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