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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Surely not all of it!

Which bit?

- The bit about there being another figure in the photo with the Queen?

- The bit about it being impossible that a chandelier in front of the figure is obscuring its face?

- The bit about it being impossible that a chandelier reflected in the mirror behind an empty coat is creating the illusion that it's being worn by a figure?

- The bit about Annie Leibovitz being a renowned perfectionist, having spent three weeks preparing the photoshoot to avoid making mistakes and having a track record of extensively modifying her images through post-production digital painting?

- The bit from the documentary where Annie Leibovitz is seen test photographing figures reflected in mirrors in preparation for the Queen's photoshoot?

- The bit about Annie's Leibovitz's previous celebrity portrait that was a a digital composite featuring an inter-dimensional entity manifesting in a mirror portal beside a Queen who is seeking guidance?

- The bit about Annie Leibovitz's previous celebrity portrait that was a digital composite with an Alice in Wonderland character standing on a mantelpiece in a room with a design strikingly similar to the one the Queen has been photographed in, peering into a portal on the wall and yearning to be able to pass through it into another dimension?

- The bit about monarchies and establishment artists subjecting the public to ominous subliminal imagery for centuries or more?

well im sure if I showed the picture to my 3 year old son he would just nod and agree with whatever I told him was in the picture! then move on with his life!
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