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Very interesting sol. I tried enhancing further though there is little improvement if any. The third one I thought was interesting because of what looked like the head of a shadow man behind his left shoulder that resembled a character in a picture that was posted in a thread here called Police pictures looking odd by flyermay. There was a lot of strangeness in those pictures. Not sure of the forum link but I've highlighted them in a thread here.

I suppose the image doesn't look as human as does the one in the police photo. It looks more cartoon like but that could be due to the filter I used. Hard to say.

I don't know if the fellow in my image is a shadow man, or if shadow people have solid bodies and with clothes on can be made out better, or if it's a guy with matching black color on his face and mustache, or what exactly. Also noting there is a v shape on the forehead.

It's all a mystery you know, but it's very interesting to explore.

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