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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
If anyone wants to challenge the accuracy of anything below, I can show my workings in more detail later on.

This photo shows the reverse wall, where the figure seen in the mirror would have been standing....

Below, I've reversed the figure and inset him in the yellow panel on the right, to provide a side by side comparison...

The horizontal red line in the image below distinguishes the real chandelier (upper) from the infinite reflection (lower)
of the same chandelier bouncing back and forth between the two mirrors at opposite ends of the room...

This can be established by matching the portrait with a stillframe from the documentary covering the photoshoot
( ), which reveals there is only one chandelier hanging from
the ceiling between the Queen and the mirror behind her...

Therefore, for the chandelier to be creating the illusion of a 'head' manifesting directly above an empty coat
- inexplicably but most certainly strategically-placed between the mirrored mantelpiece and the couch...

...that chandelier can only be a reflection in the mirror, behind the coat;
it's not actually present in the room and draping down in front of it.

Yet the 'head' atop the coat is plainly overlapping it...

How can this be?

Conclusion: It has to be a digitally-altered figure, or a real figure - with a real and bizarre-looking head - intentionally positioned where it is so that it appears reflected in the mirror in the photograph.
Yep interesting they included the 'mirror-man', however size of light your pictures give you the answer.

Not to why they included him,but to the entity theory.

If you take a look at your second pic down ( 'reverse angle,yellow panelled side by side' ) the face of your man is simply the bottom of the chandelier.

But your correct its all rather creepy
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