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Looks like o neg is good

American Red Cross

Northern Ohio
Blood Services Region

* Almost 40% of the population has O+ blood
* Patients with Type O blood must receive Type O blood
* About half of all blood ordered by hospitals in our area is Type O
* Type O blood is the universal blood type and is the only blood type that can be transfused to patients with other blood types
* Only about 7% of all people have Type O negative blood
* Type O negative blood is the preferred type for accident victims and babies needing exchange transfusions
* There is always a need for Type O donors because their blood may be transfused to a person of any blood type in an emergency

If your blood type is . . .

Type You Can Give Blood To You Can Receive Blood From
A+ A+ AB+ A+ A- O+ O-
O+ O+ A+ B+ AB+ O+ O-
B+ B+ AB+ B+ B- O+ O-
AB+ AB+ Everyone
A- A+ A- AB+ AB- A- O-
O- Everyone O-
B- B+ B- AB+ AB- B- O-
AB- AB+ AB- AB- A- B- O-

Out of 100 donors . . . . .

84 donors are RH+

16 donors are RH-

38 are O+

7 are O-

34 are A+

6 are A-

9 are B+

2 are B-

3 are AB+

1 is AB-

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O negative blood

You're outstanding...we need you to stay that way

Because your blood group is O Rh negative, it is very special indeed.

It can be given to anyone. That means your blood is the only safe option when a patient's blood group is unknown or not immediately available - such as in emergencies, or in the case of specialised procedures for unborn babies.

So you can be absolutely certain that you are helping save people's lives. And because only 7% of donors share your blood group, it's absolutely vital that you continue to give on a regular basis.

You can give blood three times a year, so please be sure to keep up your outstanding work, every four months if you possibly can.

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