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Originally Posted by shiyoken View Post
You think Icke has people helping him write the book? Whether true or false still doesn't matter to me anyways but just imagine if he didn't have arthritis in his hands; there be more books than days of the week lol.

I still need to read his latest one and LSNM ! I will get around to them evetually Looking forward though to see what he has uncovered over the last couple of years now.

I can tell you love Icke, we all do. I'm just saying that I'd rather a BRAND NEW BOOK like Infinite Love (have you read it? It's brilliant) than recycling old books but with a few new chapters thrown in.

I love The Biggest Secret and I love Infinite Truth.... the rest are just variations on a theme from that point on...... I've looked through them and I haven't felt the need to buy any for myself (except I got my dad one of the latest ones) but I've already read most of the info. What's the point?

Anyway I'm not going to go on about it. I've made my point. I'm not a troll, these are just my honest opinions.

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