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As a writer I do not understand how he can produce these books so quickly.

And he does other things besides.......... Though for me there's a certain element that once you've read one Icke book you've read 'em all.

The major recent exception to this was Infinite Love is the only truth.

That was an amazing book and entered into unchartered territory with a totally different theme and references.

But the others, they all seem to be quite similar. Infinite Love broke the mould. He should write more 'fresh' books instead of ones which go over old ground all the time but with a few new bits of info. Especially as that ground is constantly shifting under our feet.

Sorry if this appears to be a slag-off, it's just literally impossible to write 700 pages of new material every year or so. I would prefer a slimmer book like Infinite Love (236 pages) with BRAND NEW STUFF. Not reread the same stuff I've already read.

Just my opinion...... we're here to discuss right? I've never sought to be popular here, just to give my honest opinion. Worth more than hearing the bleatings of a fan club or the waving of pompoms to an honest man I would have thought.

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