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Originally Posted by techman View Post
The Epstein/Klein angle to the PiD theory is an interesting one, and it's the first time I've heard of it before despite the amont of theories abound from PiD researchers. I wonder what Mark Devlin, Tina Foster and Mike Williams will make of thid theory?.

The problem I see with this theory, in relation to Paul being killed and replaced, is that it doesn't seem to fit in to the suggestion that Paul's death was planned well in advance. Ive heard from some PiD researchers that clues in the Butcher album and the Yesterday and Today reissue, is to hint at Paul himself knowing he was going to be murdered rather than being the opposite that he was unaware of his imminent demise.

I have no doubt the Beatles were paid a pittance to what they should've received. Very common amongst artists of the day. It's well known that Col Tom Parker took a big share of Elvis's earnings, something like 50%. So it's no surprise the same would have happened with the Beatles.
Lol what happened to Tina foster
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