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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
Epstein had been a good manager for the Beatles, ...
In what way was he a good manager??? He was a representative of the Cabal ... tried to control them ... dressed them up in suits , got them to bow at the end of performances , made sure they were respectful to royalty .... financially he made sure they didn't get the money Faul said ..“Brian didn’t get very good deals on anything, For years EMI were giving us one old penny between us for every single and two shillings for every album.”

Don't imagine Faul was in on the wider conspiracy .. He was just recruited to play Paul , that's the extent of his understanding , he would have had his own personal opinions on everything else , managers etc ... but it didn't effect the outcome ....

Generally when you see a jew in a position of power .... epstien , teresa may , musk, gates ,einstien , freud, bono, you can assume they're NWO operatives ... They will not have the whole picture , but they're where the rubber hits the road

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