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Originally Posted by abrilliantone View Post
Don't worry about it tin. Because either he/she is a straight moron. Or is a undercover troll. Noticed how fiercely he/she defended Alan Watt who in my opinion is a misinfo agent. So which one is it spirit moron or troll?

I know you're a grade A idiot.

I'm exposing the ruling Elite's "agents." Yet you think I'm an agent. I'm a cult buster, it's my duty to expose. That's a role I play. And I'm no "actor." I've researched this sort of topic among many others, for 18 years. So, I'd say, I'm more qualified than most people here, to post my opinions and theories.

Try de-programme and u- brainwash yourself, that's my advice to you. That's why I'm here, to wake you up! My spirituality is my affair. So, you can carry on your delusional judgements about me and my beliefs, which you know nothing of. And to think you're more advanced, enlightened, or because you believe in the ascension process, or whatever? well more fool you. An advanced spiritual person, wouldn't resort to name calling like you lot do. So, go figure.....

This is what's promoted by the IIlluminati agents such as M Tsarion. Levi was a Kabbalist, Occultist Jesuit, ( bad combination ) You really believe they'd let such info slip out into the hands of the public? NO, this stuff is promoted to brainwash and confuse us not set us free.

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