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Sterilisation vaccines - hCG

Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
As far as I can tell the main objective of vaccines is sterilisation; more information in the following thread (maybe one day I’ll start a separate thread on that):
I've decided to post about this right now and here...

If they are able to use vaccines is to reduce fertility, to reduce the population, this couldn’t be discovered (especially with the same elite that control big pharma, also controlling education and mainstream media).
And such a strategy would really cut both ways, because the happy couple that would be “helped” by the medical industry with artificial insemination techniques to give them a baby, would stand in awe of big pharma, which would be to blame for their misfortune in the first place…

A 2010 study conducted by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) indicated that Philippine women were “unwittingly vaccinated against their own children”.

By linking hCG with tetanus antigens in a vaccine, researchers fool a woman’s immune system into producing antibodies against hCG, which makes her allergic to her own embryo.
Once her immune system is sufficiently stimulated against hCG, the pregnant woman will spontaneously abort the embryo:

The 1978 WHO task force “Evaluating the safety and efficacy of placental antigen vaccines for fertility regulation”, shows initiatives to use vaccines for reduced fertility.
It even shows that they already knew then that hCG can cause abortions.
Although substantial progress has been made over the last few years in the provision of family planning services to many of the World's populations, there is still an urgent need for a greater variety of safe, effective and acceptable methods of fertility regulation to meet widely differing personal, cultural and service requirements.
Immunization as a prophylactic measure is now so widely accepted that it has been suggested that one method of fertility regulation which might have wide appeal as well as great ease of service delivery would be an anti-fertility vaccine.
In principle, anti-fertility vaccines may: (a) prevent sperm transport and/or fertilization; (b) prevent or disrupt implantation; and (c) prevent blastocyst development.
Several potential complications have to be considered upon immunization of humans with immunogenic conjugates of HCG-derived antigens. Some of these hazards are related to potential disruption of the endocrinological balance and maternal-embryonal relationships; others are related to the possible autoimmunity induced with human-derived material as an autoantigen. Consideration of these potential hazards should provide guidelines for design and evaluation of animal and human studies.

In 1972, the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank collaborated on the “Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (HRP)” to “coordinate, promote, conduct, and evaluate research in human reproduction”.
In 1972, the WHO founded the “Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation” to produce an hCG-laced anti-fertility vaccine.
This has continued to produce vaccines for “fertility regulation”, see the following report from 1991:
(archived here:

In 1973, Stevens and Chrystle published a report on anti-fertility vaccines, which showed that hCG can be used to sterilise women.
Here’s the abstract of “Effects of Immunization with Hapten-Coupled HCG on the Human Menstrual Cycle” (1973):

In 1976 another study on hCG was published by A. Pala et al “Immunization with hapten-coupled hCG-Beta subunit and its effect on the menstrual cycle” (1976), only the abstract:

The following report shows that influenza vaccination causes abortions in lab animals.

From - Ayoub & Yazbak “Influenza Vaccination During Pregnancy: A Critical Assessment of the Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)” (2006):

The notorious 1974 National Security Council Document 20506: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, written by Nobel Prize winner Henry Kissinger, includes “inoculations”...
They identified India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Columbia as problematic:
29. While specific goals in this area are difficult to state, our aim should be for the world to achieve a replacement level of fertility, (a two-child family on the average), by about the year 2000. This will require the present 2 percent growth rate to decline to 1.7 percent within a decade and to 1.1 percent by 2000.
In less developed countries growth rates average about 2.4 percent. For the People's Republic of China, with a massive, enforced birth control program, the growth rate is estimated at under 2 percent. India's is variously estimated from 2.2 percent, Brazil at 2.8 percent, Mexico at 3.4 percent, and Latin America at about 2.9 percent. African countries, with high birth as well as high death rates, average 2.6 percent; this growth rate will increase as death rates go down.
concentrating on the education and indoctrination of the rising generation of children regarding the desirability of smaller family size.
Considerable reduction in infant and child mortality is possible through improvement in nutrition, inoculations against diseases, and other public health measures if means can be devised for extending such services to neglected LDC populations on a low-cost basis. It often makes sense to combine such activities with family planning services in integrated delivery systems in order to maximize the use of scarce LDC financial and health manpowder (sic.) resources (See Section IV). In addition, providing selected health care for both mothers and their children can enhance the acceptability of family planning by showing concern for the whole condition of the mother and her children and not just for the single factor of fertility.
Research indicates that female wage employment outside the home is related to fertility reduction. Programs to increase the women's labor force participation must, however, take account of the overall demand for labor; this would be a particular problem in occupations where there is already widespread unemployment among males. But other occupations where women have a comparative advantage can be encouraged.
d. Sterilization of men and women has received wide-spread acceptance in several areas when a simple, quick, and safe procedure is readily available. Female sterilization has been improved by technical advances with laparoscopes, culdoscopes, and greatly simplifies abdominal surgical techniques. Further improvements by the use of tubal clips, trans-cervical approaches, and simpler techniques can be developed. For men several current techniques hold promise but require more refinement and evaluation. Approx. Increased Cost $6 million annually.

The GAVI Alliance was founded in 2000 with the help of the Gates Foundation, other donors include: the Rockefeller foundation, UNICEF, World Health Organization (WHO), and World Bank.
GAVI has the goal of vaccinating the entire third World.

There are not only vaccines to reduce fertility, but pregnant women are forced to get vaccinated, which caused abortions in Thailand and the Philippines:

In the following 29:32 video Bill Gates, in a presentation for the TED 2010 conference, explains that we need “solutions” that will make the “miracle” of zero CO2 emission happen. By 2050 we must realize an 80% reduction in CO2 emission...
Gates explains that “people” (P) are at the basis of this “problem” (4:00-4:55)
It includes the following notorious quote:
The world today has 6.8 billion people … that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.

I’ll end this post with an interesting story about the depopulation agenda in Mexico, which involves vaccines, that also involves historical information.
In 1973, the Mexican birth rate was unashamedly described as a “Population Bomb” in the state media.

In 1974, a group of Mexicans suspected that a group disguised as inoculation teams “who looked like foreigners” gave shots at schools to sterilise children. The teams were escorted by the police.
Vaccination was never done at Mexican schools, so the parents had a good reason to be suspicious.

The “rumours” began in the north in Nuevo Leon, and then reached Mexico City, where thousands of angry parents “in slum areas” stormed and barricaded schools, and removed their children from them. Some 35-40% of elementary kids were absent Wednesday of that week.
According to the National Action party:
The rare vaccine, until now never used, much less as part of a campaign which appears to cover many parts of the republic, is given to each child in three places: the umbilicis, the chest, and the spinal column.
The government denied the “rumours”, claiming that sterilisation vaccines don’t exist.

Jurriaan Maessen noted, that Rockefeller had already conceived sterilisation vaccines way back in the 1930s:
Rockefeller Foundation minion Max Mason, who acted as president in the mid-1930s, on multiple occasions expressed his master’s desire for an “anti-hormone” that would reduce fertility worldwide. Now keep in mind, this is more than 35 years before the Foundation actually mentioned funding “anti-fertility vaccines” in subsequent annual reports from 1969 onward.
Coercive sterilisations under the banner of “family planning” were taking place all over the globe in 1974. In April 1974, it was reported that the government had sterilised some 1,204 girls and boys under the age of 21 at federally funded clinics across the country. This included a ten year old, an eleven year old, and ten 13 year olds.
The US government had funded sterilisations on: poor women, the mentally ill, deaf, blind, with epilepsy, and others who were considered “unfit” to have babies:
(archived here:
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