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I once read about the following steps to get a vaccine approved by the CDC...
1 - They inject lab animals with either vaccine or a placebo.
2 – They inject the supposed virus into the lab animals.
3 – If the vaccinated animals have better survival rates with the injected virus than the placebo (control) group, they say the vaccine is effective.
4 – Then they test the vaccine on humans: not to see if it prevents any disease, but merely if the adverse effects aren’t too drastic.
5 – Vaccine accepted.
This doesn’t prove that the vaccines actually prevent any disease that humans (or even animals) contract naturally. But medical “science” is obviously not objective in our Brave new world...
But this DOES show that “they” can make us ill.

Metal nanoparticles in vaccines
In 2017, some Italian “scientists” discovered all sorts of toxic “nanoparticles” in vaccines. The only vaccine for animals, for cats, they tested, ironically was also the only “clean” vaccine!
They used X-rays to measure what elements were in the vaccines:

They found all sorts of dirty stuff in vaccines.
Table 2 contains a summary of the highly toxic chemicals found in which vaccine, including.
Al – Aluminium
Bi – Bismuth
Cr - Chromium
Fe – Iron
Pb – Lead
Ni – Nickel
Si – Silicon
Ti – Titanium
W – Tungsten
Zn – Zinc
Zr – Zirconium

The following nanoparticles for example contained: Lead (Pb), Iron (Fe), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu), and Tin (Sn).

Table 3 describes the size and amount of “debris” found in the vaccines (I have no reason to believe that these were in the vaccines by “accident”).
Infanrix hexa – 1821 “debris”.
Varilrix - 2723 “debris”.
Fluarix – 1317 “debris”.
Cervarix – 1569 “debris”.
Agrippal S1 – 1029 “debris”.

Similar toxics have been found in the blood of leukemic patients and in patients with cryoglobulinemia...

A.M. Gatti and S. Montanari New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination (2017):
(archived here:

These Italian scientists were later harassed by the cops and had their research material, including computers, confiscated:

Recently, a scientific looking paper was published, showing that when cellular barriers are exposed to metal nanoparticles (like that found by the Italian “scientists”), cause damage to the DNA of developing brain cells. This makes it more likely that these nanoparticles cause neurodegenerative conditions, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

During their interactions with cell membranes, key cell processes are altered. In addition to affecting the directly exposed cells, the nanoparticles also detrimentally affect neighbouring cells in a manner similar to radiation-induced bystander effect:

Vaccine induced immune deficiency
There is also evidence that being poisoned yearly with the advised flu vaccines results in lower antibody responses - immune deficiency.
The more influenza vaccinations you get poisoned with in your lifetime, the less your immune system can fight the flu virus in subsequent seasons.

After the 2009 “flu epidemic”, the Canadian flu surveillance network reported that Canadians who had received a flu shot in late 2008 were between 1.4 and 2.5 times more likely to suffer from an adverse reaction from an H1N1 infection that required medical attention, compared with those who didn't get a shot.

In 2016, Skowronski published a report that people, who were consecutively vaccinated in 2012, 2013 and 2014, have a higher risk of being infected with the flu.

Big pharma supporting “doctors” maintain that people should take their flu shot - especially seniors, children younger than two and people suffering from chronic medical conditions (like immune deficiency?):
(archived here:

A study was done to track how prior vaccination affects immune responses in 141 expectant mothers - 91 were poisoned with a flu shot the previous year, 50 were not.
They found that women, who hadn't received a flu shot in the previous year, had better immune responses to the vaccine.

They also claim that their results “suggest it does not meaningfully affect protection in their babies”.
This really is an amazing conclusion. They found that the vaccines cause immune deficiency, but concluded that the babies were still protected just as well by the antibodies that they received from their mother...

According to the big pharma supporting “scientists” that published these results, there can’t be any reason to not take flu shots:

Flu vaccine induced abortions and other adverse effects
In 2009 and 2010, foetal deaths caused by vaccines reported in VAERS increased by 4,250%. Probably caused by the additional H1N1 vaccine that was advised.
Despite that the CDC knew of the 4,250% rise, it published a report authored by Dr. Pedro Moro in the fall of 2010 that there were only 23 miscarriages caused by the single flu vaccine in 19 years between 1990 – 2009, an average of 1.2 miscarriages per year.

Eileen Dannemann accused the CDC of “wilful misconduct” in causing the deaths of thousands of unborn babies and deliberately misleading obstetricians and gynaecologists by advertising the flu vaccine as safe for pregnant women:
The CDC, aware of their own incoming stream of early vaccine adverse events reports, clearly decided to allow the obstetricians to continue, unwittingly, murdering and damaging the unborn so that the CDC’s blunder of recommending the double-dose vaccination of pregnant women could be kept under the radar.

In 2017, the CDC published a report by Donaheu et al on data for the flu seasons from 2010 to 2012.
Women vaccinated with the influenza vaccine (IIV) in the 2010-2011 season had 3.7-fold greater odds of experiencing an abortion within 28 days than women not receiving the vaccine.
From 2010 to 2012, the odds for a spontaneous abortion for vaccinated women were 2.0 times greater than for women that weren’t poisoned with the flu vaccine.
In women who also were poisoned with the H1N1 vaccine the previous year, the odds of spontaneous abortion in the 28 days after receiving a flu vaccine were even 7.7 times greater.

The 2017 study confirms the findings of a previous report by Goldman.
Using CDC’s VAERS database, Goldman showed a similar rise in the rate of miscarriages; this increased 11-fold in 2009 when the H1N1 vaccine was added to the recommended vaccine schedule (on top of the seasonal flu shot).

In a 2014 report, Giuseppe Traversa et al found that in over 86,000 pregnancies H1N1-vaccinated women had significantly higher rates of gestational diabetes and eclampsia.
Eclampsia is the development of seizures in women with severe toxaemia (high blood pressure and protein loss in the urine). Eclampsia is fatal in 2% of women and can result in long-term health problems. Foetal complications, including neurological damage and death, are also common.

In another paper published in 2017, Zerbo et al showed that the maternal flu shot in the first trimester of pregnancy, causes autism (ASD).
Between 2000 and 2010, vaccinated pregnant women were 25% more likely to give birth to a child that would later be diagnosed with ASD.

A 2014 report by Alan Brown et al of over 1.2 million pregnant women found that elevations in CRP, which is caused by flu vaccination, are associated with a 43% greater risk of having a child with autism.

In 2016, Chambers et al found an elevated risk for birth defects for children born to mothers who received one flu vaccine during the 2010-2014 flu seasons. “Scientists” working for the CDC were involved in this study.
Shortly before this report was published, the CDC issued a gag order forbidding any CDC employee from talking to the press without first getting clearance from the communications office. This could not have been coincidental, could it?

Vaccine manufacturers acknowledge that flu vaccines have not been shown to be safe for pregnant women.
Most vaccines contain 25 micrograms of mercury via thimerosal. Health officials have warned women to avoid eating mercury-containing tuna.
Overwhelming science shows that thimerosal is neurotoxic and deadly and that it may be particularly dangerous to the foetus.

It has repeatedly been found that thimerosal exposure is associated with:
- Birth defects - Heinonen et al 1977;
- Tics – Thompson et al;
- Speech delays – Andrews et al, Verstraeten et al:
(archived here:
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