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Originally Posted by from beyond View Post
spot on.....i'm not doing anything.....i have my little bag of tricks......and thats it!Will vanish off into the woodlands etc.....if and when all breaks loose.Not bothered one bit!
Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
When you do take your sovel with you, and say hello to Mr & Mrs badger for me, .

Cool in indeed.

Originally Posted by acharlatani View Post
Just a quick question about stocking up on food. My plans are to always have 1 months supply of emergency food. Im sure its stated on another thread but i cant find it. Can anybody advise on what is the best food to store due to long shelf life/variety etc? I just want to make sure im not missing out on something. I like my food you see and plain rice and lentils would make the depressing times even worse!
Hi, now joking aside, The need or ease of storing for the future is not new. I wont go into the historys, but suffice to say it is not a bad thing to do even if you live in the city, and are in a top notch flat. You will need to prep for the future.

So how and what? First you need to be able to hold water. Work out how much water you drink in a day, double it and aim to store that much per day for a month at first. Tap water is fine and in these instances it is better as it has a cleaning agent in it. Fuck the stuff about flouride and other junk, just save tap water in the first instance. You will need lots of containers, so start saving them and begging, borrowing and stealing them . The larger the better. A beer brewing keg has been suggested, and is fine.

As for what to eat, that is up to you. If you find that you always come down with flus or suffer tiredness all the time or onece a month then your diet as it stands now is crap. A good diet will cure this shit.

You are an adult. You know what you like and dislike. It is a good idea to have rice and other stuff to hand but if you like tinned foods then just add 10% of what you buy now at the store and start there. Buy powdered milk, rice, dried beans, powdered soups (for taste variations in the rice), pasta, spaggetti is the most cost effective and space saving. Buy some tea-lights and matches (you can cook with those and see by them)

Before all of that though, go for adding the extra 10%. I know you will try 15 or 20% as that is the way we are, so do that. You know your budget.

As for being depressing, if you think it over, if we ever get to the stage that we need to delve into our stocks, then we realy are up shit creek, and that little food in you gut will lighten your day. The most depressing part will be how you are going to help your family and friends!!!

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