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Originally Posted by curtaincat View Post
I am wondering if what is the point of surviving anyway, if a stronger mean person will steal all your stuff. .. ?

and why survive if we are going to a diff dimension, such as the 4th dimension or whatever?

i dont really wanna be around in a fighting for survival situation. Not in a 3D world anyways.

I am getting lost in all this Survival stuff.

I thought that we are fighting for our 'soul rights' , against the crappy fake gods, not just fighting amongst ourselves ( human forms) .

Can anyone give me a clue?

When u die, that is the thing we need to know what to do.

Fighting for human existance .. seems futile.

I just reckon that your true self is your soul, and that u gotta watch out for the baddy's that suck u back into recycling yourself back to earth.. as we know it.

Nobody seems to understand what i mean.

But that is as far in understanding as i get it.

In the meantime, i am stocking up, wise move, as tracker says.. but

There is always a but.

a what if..

who knows...

Just have to trust yourself.
I'm pretty sick of having to start hoarding things so that I can survive, I honestly don't want to live like this, not my idea of life one bit. If there is no shift in consciousness and the only way to survive is to collect loads of things so you can, I'd rather perish, I've lived a good life had some really crazy paranormal shit happen to me, I'll die happy.
"Because we suggest a model of time whose mathematics dictate a built-in spiral structure, events keep gathering themselves into tighter and tighter spirals that lead inevitably to a final time. Like the center of a black hole, the final time is a necessary singularity, a domain or an event in which the ordinary laws of physics do not function" - Terrence Mckenna

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