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I am wondering if what is the point of surviving anyway, if a stronger mean person will steal all your stuff. .. ?

and why survive if we are going to a diff dimension, such as the 4th dimension or whatever?

i dont really wanna be around in a fighting for survival situation. Not in a 3D world anyways.

I am getting lost in all this Survival stuff.

I thought that we are fighting for our 'soul rights' , against the crappy fake gods, not just fighting amongst ourselves ( human forms) .

Can anyone give me a clue?

When u die, that is the thing we need to know what to do.

Fighting for human existance .. seems futile.

I just reckon that your true self is your soul, and that u gotta watch out for the baddy's that suck u back into recycling yourself back to earth.. as we know it.

Nobody seems to understand what i mean.

But that is as far in understanding as i get it.

In the meantime, i am stocking up, wise move, as tracker says.. but

There is always a but.

a what if..

who knows...

Just have to trust yourself.
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