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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
So are there chemtrails or rampant persistent contrails in Thailand?
I see zero where I am , I'm away from any flight paths ...

Talking to people who live near Bangkok , they don't seem to see many ...

This is probably to be expected I doubt the aviation fuel has the additive here. Planes fueling up in Bangkok would get their fuel from a Thai company , the Cabal don't have much control here , how could they do it ? What would they tell the manager of the fuel company ???

I think most chemtrailing is in US and Europe , the cabal would either have their own trusted people in the aviation fuel companies , or they would have sent a few MI5/CIA people to have a chat with the boss told him of the importance of this ...national security secrecy etc...

Non stop flights from US/europe arriving in thailand will be burning fuel they got from US/Europe so will probably be emitting trails , they will fill up with clean fuel in Bangkok for the return flight ...

I don't expect domestic flights arriving here from most countries , china , iran , india etc. will be emitting.

Originally Posted by soylentgreen View Post
... I have been watching the sky and taking photos for years. I am so convinced! ... from my own observations. Yes, it may be military airplanes, but it is also commercial airlines. A few airlines don't show trails, but many do.....
It should be possible, by studying flight times and flight paths to determine where the planes not emitting took off from.

If what I've said is correct , you should find they are international flights that filled up with clean fuel, in countries not tightly under the control of the cabal.

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