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Arrow Legio IX Hispana

Legio Nona Hispana (Ninth Spanish Legion) was a Roman legion which operated from the first century BCE until mid 2nd century CE. The Spanish Legion's disappearance has raised speculations over its fate, largely of its alleged destruction in Scotland in about 117 CE, though some scholars believe it was destroyed in the Roman-Parthian Wars or during the Bar Kokhba Revolt of 132–136 CE. There is no evidence of what happened to the famous Legion, as it simply drops out of records around early second century CE. The last concrete information of its whereabouts is in 107–108 CE, where they are mentioned being stationed to help rebuild the legionary fortress at York (Eboracum).

The origin of the legion is uncertain, but Caesar is known to have found a Ninth Legion already based in Gaul in 58 BCE,where it remained during the whole campaign of the Gallic wars...According to Stephen Dando-Collins the legion was raised, along with the 6th, 7th and 8th, by Pompey in Hispania in 65 BCE.

The legion was probably a member of the imperial army in the Rhine border that was campaigning against the Germanic tribes. Following the abandonment of the Eastern Rhine area (after the disaster of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest — 9 CE).

In 43 CE they probably participated in the Roman invasion of Britain led by emperor Claudius and general Aulus Plautius, because they soon appear amongst the provincial garrison. In 50 CE, the Ninth was one of two legions that defeated the forces of Caratacus at Caer Caradoc. Under the command of Caesius Nasica they put down the first revolt of Venutius between 52 and 57. The Ninth suffered a serious defeat under Quintus Petillius Cerialis in the rebellion of Boudica and was later reinforced with legionaries from the Germania provinces. Around 71 CE they constructed a new fortress at York (Eboracum), as shown by finds of tile-stamps from the site.

It is often said that the legion disappeared in Britain about 117 CE. However, the names of several high ranking officers of the Ninth are known who probably served with the legion after ca. 120 (e.g., Lucius Aemilius Karus, governor of Arabia in 142/143), which suggests that the legion continued in existence after this date. It has been suggested that the legion may have been destroyed during the Bar Kochba Revolt in Iudaea Province, or possibly in the ongoing conflict with the Parthian Empire but there is no firm evidence for this.

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