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Default The Cult of Nato

Originally Posted by tinyint View Post
I wondered why you didn't simply continue here...

The Rise of The Fourth Reich.

Originally Posted by boots View Post
I think there is pretty overwhelming evidence to say that there is a fourth Reich in America.

Operation Paperclip bought nazi scientist to work in the Military industrial complex, other's were assigned too NASA, then other Nazis were used in the CIA running programs such as MKULTRA.

All out total Nazism/Fascism would be to obvious and people would be shaken out of their slumber, they way to do it is like sticking a frog in a pot of cold water then bringing it to a slow boil.

But they did try the Fascist model once before in 1934.
NATO and the United Nations (UN) share a commitment to maintaining international peace and security. The two organizations have been cooperating in this area since the early 1990s...

The headquarters of the United Nations is a distinctive complex in New York City...The NATO headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium...The headquarters of the European Union is in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium.

The United Nations and NATO

Which security and for whom?

by Hans Christof von Sponeck, former UN Assistant Secretary General

The world the UN advocates looks good on paper.1 In June 1945, the Charter of the United Nations was signed by 51 member states. Several years later, the two great conventions for civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights came into being, and in subsequent years, important conventions on torture, genocide, women’s and children’s rights followed. After long negotiations, the UN member states came to a consensus at the end of 2008 on a cluster bomb treaty – unfortunately containing limitations – on which several countries insisted, including Germany.

The existence of extensive international law shows that governments in all parts of the world know what is important for human security and what must be protected.

And yet, since 1945 international law has been continuously broken. Basic rights to food, health, housing, education, work, freedom of opinion have remained unattainable for many. Wars have been (and are) carried on, in utter violation of the United Nations Charter, e.g. against Yugoslavia, Iraq and in Palestine. Torture is practiced, genocide carried out, weapons treaties ignored, the environment robbed of irreplaceable treasures. Uncontrolled financial transactions and economic activities and greed have given rise to an unprecedented crisis of worldwide dimensions. Pragmatism flourishes while moral principles are shunted aside. “Ethics” has become a foreign word. Political lying prevails. The gap between the rich and the poor grows wider. The life and survival chances of people have become yet more unequal. Behind all this lie such significant causes as the lack of political will to speak out in defense of the community of the majority as opposed to the welfare of the few and the resulting neglect of rights and the rule of law. The United Nations strains to carrying out its mandate.

It should thus come as no surprise that the twenty-first century was born under the sign of confrontation and of worldwide, hypocritical denial. Western alliances such as NATO are being challenged by new alliances with weighty members such as Russia, China and India. The key word here is “rearrangement”. Dag Hammarskjoeld, the great man of the United Nations, in 1964 shortly before his death expressed his great concern that “ways out of the narrow, matted jungle in the struggle for honor, power and advantage” must be found. Looking back at the beginning of 2009, one can see that since the founding of the United Nations in 1945, two systems, communism and capitalism have collapsed. Maximization of profit hand-in-hand with dishonesty and ethnocentrism are among the causes.

Originally Posted by boots View Post
It is totalism, those points want to keep everyone in a 'box' so that control of people can easily be contained and monitored and dictated too.

Socialism on a global scale will only cause divisions. it pits one nation against another. TPTB set up the different political systems to give you a choice, you dont have a choice, they own you.

None of those points are giving any basic Human right's.

They may give the impression of safety but as the OP says the Germans thought Hitler was doing the right thing when in fact he was having his own NWO just as America's has it's own NWO.

Once the strength of the trading blocks are up and running then it will be a global NWO. A fourth Reich

NATO-backed Kosovo government murders Serbs to steal their organs ...Copy and pasted video posted >>>

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