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Animal fats don't cause cardiovascular disease.
That lie has been perpetuated for decades, but science is finally proving it to be BS.

Most vegetable oils are actually much worse for your body than animal fats. Partially hydrogenated oils are the worst of all.

There's a reason why people who've been on Atkins for more than a couple of years are generally in marvelous health.

Modern commercial agriculture sucks. The plant farming is just as destructive, if not more so, than the animal farming, so your argument there is completely invalid.

As for sentient life, I don't really see how your argument has weight. Do you believe a lion would hesitate to eat you, merely because you are sentient? Of course not. So why in the world you should hesitate to eat it? Humans are a predatory species, and eating animals is natural to us, and it ALWAYS HAS BEEN. (The fossil records tell the story well). We also cook a lot of our food, because that is natural behavior for us as well, and always has been. (Homo sapiens has always had fire--there was never a time when we did not. This is because the species that came before us had fire. We evolved with fire).

I do not consider myself to be better than other species, nor worse than other species. I believe that living things have the inherent right to behave in accordance with their evolved nature. I have the right to be a predatory omnivore, because that is what nature has made me to be. I do not need to hold myself to any artificially created standards in order to achieve some sort of enlightenment. There is NOTHING enlightening about ignoring your nature, or deluding yourself into thinking it is something other than what it is.

You can't change things by pretending you aren't human. You are not a rabbit or a cow. You are not an herbivore.

If you want to change the mess that is modern agriculture, you won't do it by becoming a vegan. You can only do it by working from within the system to promote PROPER AGRICULTURE--to raise animals and crops humanely, without the use of chemicals or foods that they aren't evolved to consume. Your failure to have a steak dinner makes 0 difference, and there's a reason why there are so few vegans in the world. There will never be more of you than there are now. You need to accept that. Humans like meat, and many of them need animal foods to stay healthy. You will never change anything by changing what you eat, or by trying to force others to do likewise.

You want to ensure that farm animals are treated humanely? Raise some farm animals, and treat them humanely. You'll get a premium price for their meat, because omnivorous people understand the value in that.

That isn't what you want to do? Stop deluding yourself that anything less will make a difference.
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