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I hope your vegan diet isn't based 100% on plant foods and soy products. It's possible to do the vegan thing and get all the macronutrients required for health, but it requires a lot of work, and you have to be very anal about your food choices. It also requires some supplementation.

I remember reading in David Icke's latest book that humans and animals once lived together in harmony. This was a time when humans did not have to eat meat. However, when TPTB took over, the biology of humans changed, as did the communication between man and animal. Humans and animals went from a state of harmony into a state of survival, which we are currently living in.

With our CURRENT biological and physiological structure, our bodies require nutrients that can only be found in animal products. I highly recommend going on a paleolithic diet; the same diet our early ancestors ate. It worked for them back when disease was minimal, and it will work for us, providing we get our food from the correct sources.

Now, there are many people who are avoiding animal products for spiritual reasons, perhaps to re-connect with our ancient state of being (mentioned above), but I don't think it's possible unless our DNA changes; DNA modification/improvement is possible through diet, but not to the extent of achieving optimal health via veganism.

I'll stick with my meat, eggs and dairy... oh, and some greens
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