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Originally Posted by silent revolution View Post
Yeah I am. I'm a human being living on earth. The divide is in your mind mate. Just keep on dehumanising them if that massages your ego enough.
that's not strictly speaking true though.....the divide is not just in the mind of the people already is also in the mind of the incomers

i think some of us find your kind of thinking to be frighteningly detached from reality. See here's the thing.....many of the muslims coming in might be lovely people, who are part of the community, work away, pay their taxes and bother no one

But there will also be rapists, thieves, murders, terrorists, ISIS jihadis, war traumatised people and all sorts of other things. You can have any mindset you like toward incomers but that doesn't mean that they will have the same mindset towards you

For example you could be a swedish lady walking through malmo to tell the migrants there how welcome they are only to be gang raped. Now not every muslim is to blame for that so its wrong to make a blanket comment about that and yet we all know that it is a reality that many women are dealing with now across europe

Also some muslims have commented on how elders in the muslim community did nothing about the organised rape gangs in Rotherham and elsewhere

Lord Ahmed a muslim peer said the following:

I believe if we are to prevent a repeat of these disturbing events, the British-Pakistani community must confront some uncomfortable truths.

One of the most important of these is that most of Britain’s 1,400 mosques – which traditionally provide moral leadership and guidance to Muslim communities – are incapable of performing such a role in 21st Century Britain.

Some mosques try hard to help young Muslims deal with the pressures and are respected and revered. But others fail dismally and, in my view, this has been a major contributory factor to the problems we face with young British-Pakistani adolescents.

Many mosques have no idea how to lead or guide young men struggling to come to terms with being a Muslim in a modern country. These men need help with issues such as sex education, teenage pregnancy, drink and drugs – all the things other young people have to cope with. But they are taboo in most mosques. If a British-Pakistani boy tried to talk to an imam about it, he would look at him blankly.

Many mosques are dangerously cut off from the rest of society, rooted in the ancient world, not the modern one. This approach is reflected by the way imams behave. Many rarely mix with other faiths, which is wrong. They should be encouraged to visit other places of worship to break down barriers between faiths and learn how others tackle these problems.

Read more:
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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