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All regular spaces are preregular, as are all Hausdorff spaces. There are many results for topological spaces that hold for both ragular and Hausdorff spaces. Most of the time, these results hold for all preregular spaces; they were listed for regular and Hausdorff spaces separately because the idea of preregular spaces came later. On the other hand, those results that are truly about regularity generally don't also apply to nonregular Hausdorff spaces..The administrative centre was the village of Haus, where Haus Church is located..Aye, aye, I’ve never known nowt like this before.. When I see her, I get all tongue-tied.. Me! Shivers doon me neck, butterflys and sweaty palms..I went to a séance in Edgbaston once.. I tried to contact my Granny...
Bünde was first mentioned, as Buginithi, in 853.. It has one of the oldest church foundations of Westphalia, the 'Laurentius Church' (founded about 778 - 840). During the Cold War, it was home to a British military base (part of the BAOR) which closed in 1993...About 30 million-year-old fossils were found in the Doberg, including a skull of a toothed whale (Easqualadon langewieschei) and a skeleton of a manatee (Anemotherium langewieschei).. Both were found 1911-1912 by Friedrich Langewiesche, who became an honorary citizen of Bünde.. The fossils are presented in 'Doberg Museum' in Bünde..The Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie (North West German Philharmonic) is a German symphony orchestra based in Herford. It was founded in 1950 and, along with Philharmonie Südwestfalen and Landesjugendorchester NRW, is one of the 'official' orchestras (Landesorchester) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia..The coat of arms of the city of Bünde features the 2 Epic Germanic Warriors Hengist and Horsa taking an Oath and sealing it with a Handshake...'s it feel like, Love W, I mean, what's it like...I wouldn't jump a Mate's B, not at 3 in the afternoon anyway.. I read this research report..Right, they use Ultrasound scans to eggsamine the testicles of 45 mountain bikers and they compared them with 39 sets of testicles of non-riders, and all but 2 of the cyclists had scrrrrotal abnormalities..Aye, very funny. Look, we're not going off to repel some marauding mexicans yer Know!..

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