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Thumbs up Bullies don't know they are eternal love waves

Since everything is full of love waves, which are full of a huge amount of intelligence, the same intelligence that pulsates the sun....then so are these reptiles.
These reptiles must be feeling really hurt because they are acting like the biggest bullies of all. But, still they are love itself. How do you help a child that is a bully? You find out what hurt them FIRST. We must listen to their pains. These reptiles must have regression therapy !!!
And since these reptiles are effecting THIS earth, then something about this particular set of people here hurt them. Perhaps all the people that are being influenced by these reptiles are the EXACT ones that hurt these reptiles first.
Energy/electricity attracts and repels. We have attracted these reptiles on purpose because they must forgive us for what we have done to them. And since they have not forgiven us, then they don't know that they are eternal, intelligent energy beings of light and full of love. Beings that know they are eternal and full of love don't act like bullies.
Quantum physics says that particles are wave packets. There are trillions of wave packets coming together to form us and everything else. It is our intent to be here that brings these wave packets into form. We are the energy, the charges, between the electrons and protons and neutrons that we create with.
We are as dead as we are ever going to get NOW.
I agree with what David Icke says about us being eternal, magnificent beings of light and energy. We are not solid. But when David continues to speak of dis-ease as if it is something out there to get us, then I must disagree.
Dis-ease is a frequency. Our thoughts are frequencies. Our bodies are frequencies. And all of this is vibrating as a tremendous amount of intelligence and love. Germs are illusions. There is nothing that "makes" us sick, except our own beliefs, which are frequencies.
This intelligence and love that we are is perfect and eternal. We are constantly vibrating with every electron that oscillates as us. We are suns ourselves. It is only when we block this energy and light that we become out of balance.
You can see great pictures of energy beings acting as doctors in the book "Hands of Light" by the former NASA physicist Barbara Brennan. Parallel realities have been proven by her work. You would be proud, David.
David has great pictures in his books of us as radiating waves, but he doesn't show how these perfect waves are being blocked by our own thoughts.
When we have thoughts that are slow and judgemental, then these thoughts vibrate as slower frequencies within our bodies. These slower frequencies restrict the perfect energy and light we already are. The slower the thoughts, the slower the flow of this energy. Then this energy slows so much that it seems really dark, like a tumor. Then people say "he has a tumor" when it is really a slowing down of the flow of energy, of love.
Judgement frequencies are a slowing down of love frequencies. So stop judging these reptiles and love them, listen to them and their pains. Tell them that they are full of eternal wave packets of love, too. They don't want to be bullies anymore than a child does.
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