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Originally Posted by someone View Post
The Soviets could not take the risk ... he was a public figure before take off , if they lost him in an accident it could not be covered up ... so they sent up a stand in just to be sure ... It was all about the prestige and pride of the USSR , why take the risk of being exposed on the world stage as having useless tech....These russian insiders also said they knew Apollo was faked for the same reason ... AJ didn't believe them(about Apollo)..
They sent up a dog and a monkey prior to Yuri getting his space suit on - so they knew it would be pretty safe to sail him around the world.

The monkey was called Albert and the dog was called Belka and Strelka.

There was also a mouse, but no-one knows the mouse sneaked on.

i remember my uncle pointing out a 'shooting star' and saying 'look, there goes Yuri Gagarin sailing around the world.'

Which was odd because i wasn't even born then, but i remember seeing him.

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