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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Despite putting a separate satellite in orbit around the moon just to communicate with the probe all we have are a few still shots as the probe lands , and half a dozen blurry shots of the probe on the moon .
These aren't the full HD versions. But it's travelling a long distance you know.

The chinese definitely would have a back up plan in place in case something went wrong , they would never admit the failure of their tech and lose face on the world stage. It's hard to know if these images are the faked back up pictures or the landing really happened ...We have to ask why the quality is so bad , the cheapest mobile phone can take better shots ... and as of this moment no moving pictures (video) has been released!..Why?
Landing unmanned probes is fairly routine now, for the Moon. There's no reason to assume it was faked.

Alex Jones has talked to Russians involved in the soviet early space missions . According to them Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space (1961)....
Oh, really, Alex "the lying sack of shite" Jones said that did he

These russian insiders also said they knew Apollo was faked for the same reason ... AJ didn't believe them(about Apollo).
So he's a liar and so are his insiders?
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