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Originally Posted by blackjack77 View Post
David often uses the unfortunate analogy of Rabbit Hole to describe going deeper and deeper in the conspiracy. The problem is the it is a LOOP not a rabbit hole.

Like a loop, the conspiracy comes back to us. In other words, the deeper you go the more you understand that we create this reality.
I think it is a loop also. Comprehend the illuminati,
and this loop is broken. But first we need to now what
to look for, when we go. Committ this, in rigidity, to
the neurons.

We do not create our own reality. The cosmos creates
reality, not us. And is the master affector.

We influence reality. What we do now, affects the future.

So reality is the same for everyone now.
And everyone influenced this reality(local to our Sun )

At the foundation of this reality is the cosmic cause.
Earth humans only effect local reality ( local star systems)

Out side of this perimeter, our influence is near nothing.

The cosmos is the master effect, of the primary cause.
So, the cosmos is the ultimate reality which we are part
'All leadership roles, will be banned from any secret society and be subject to a
renumeration cap.''

Once this has been enforced, the sun
will shine upon a masonic free world.
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