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Default It's NOT a Rabbit Hole, It's a Loop

David often uses the unfortunate analogy of Rabbit Hole to describe going deeper and deeper in the conspiracy. The problem is the it is a LOOP not a rabbit hole.

Like a loop, the conspiracy comes back to us. In other words, the deeper you go the more you understand that we create this reality. This is our responsibility, we have the ability to change it anytime we like. This is unlike a rabbit hole which just goes deeper and deeper until it reaches some bottom. In other words, the further we go in it the LESS control we have, if ANY.

Think about it. If we can get out of this it is because we CAUSED this. If it was TRULY externally caused how could we ever get out of it? It would be outside of our control. If that were the case all of the hard work of uncovering this would would be for naught.

That is why the Collective Shadow Self HAS to be at the bottom of this.

We can only have responsibility if we are the CAUSE. How can we be responsible for something totally outside of our control? Totally outside of us?

This is also the reason that the way out is through a SPIRITUAL revolution resulting in non cooperation while maintaining a high vibrational state.

It is ALL so simple!!

Below are some of my threads were I refer to this ideas without being so explicit.

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