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Originally Posted by dumbcritic View Post
Now it's used in combination with other antiretroviral therapies. Such cocktails reduce the risks of resistance and usually forestall the development of AIDS
AZT was rejected as a chemotherapy for cancer in the 1960s because it is too toxic.
By introducing “cocktails” less of the highly toxic AZT was injected. By replacing AZT by “medicines” less toxic the destructive effects of the AIDS-therapy became less and live span increased considerably.

Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
So dum, da, y'all think HIV virus is FAKE?
I don’t think that HIV is a virus, but something was found in the blood of AIDS-victims (that was later called HIV)...

Dr. Robert E. Willner and Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos have both argued that HIV isn’t even a virus. See post #11:
Originally Posted by st jimmy
The interview of Papadopulos-Eleopulos (EPE) by Johnson (CJ) from 1997 is even more extreme:
It comes to 4 conclusion that are bizarre if you’re a believer in the state propaganda on AIDS.
1 - HIV isn’t a virus at all.

According to Peter Duesberg, HIV is a passenger virus: a virus that doesn’t make people ill. If a virus doesn’t cause illness it doesn’t act like a virus. So why call it a virus?

Originally Posted by da2255 View Post
Dr Duesberg is a nobel prize winner, it really does not get to a higher level in mainstream science than that.
I have to make a correction: Peter Duesberg never won a Nobel Prize. Before he became an AIDS-whistleblower he was a highly respected biochemist (widely considered as on the same level as Robert Gallo). Since then, his scientific career has been destroyed (look at his Wikipedia page that makes even the mainstream stories on David Icke seem positive in comparison)...
Peter Duesberg’s work on AIDS has been supported by Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis, who even wrote the introduction to Duesberg’s 1996 book.

Originally Posted by da2255 View Post
Thanks for adding relevant information.
Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, like Willner, is prepared to inject himself with the blood of somebody that has been sentenced to HIV-positive status in front of the camera...
Do NOT ever read my posts.
Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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