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Originally Posted by ponpon View Post
There's nothing wrong with being a psychopath? Oh dear god I've heard it all now!
Pinkizzy is sympathetic to psychopaths, and views them as normal. According to our psychopath expert Pinkizzy, psychopaths occur in all walks of life, hence nothing wrong with them. Same could be said of paedos, no?? If one was of such a mind.

There is nothing wrong with being a Psychopath, they ar more widespread than you think:
Estate Agents

This is a non story. We know about psychopath brains, they are completely different to non psychopath brains and show no empathy. Psychopaths cannot be cured, their condition can be managed. It's the same case with paedophiles, the behahiour cannot be cured, just managed.
In my opinion, the article isn't providing an excuse for paedophilia. It's stating the condition must be managed and not cured by chemical castration or chopping off willys.
For a full realisation of the kind of propaganda er .... opinions which Pinkizzy wants to spread on our forum, have a read of the thread directly above this text ^^. When people expressed anger and thought that paedos should be severely punished, Pinkizzy's response was:

You shouldn't incite mass murder
Pinkizzy also spreads fake propaganda that paedos' victims are also paedos. It's a fact, as far as our forum psychopathy and paedo expert says. Read all about it:

Paedophilia is about power, not sexual urges.
1. A paedophile abuses a child, the child grows up to abuse others
For more of Pinkizzy's unique empathy and sympathy for paedos and psychos, check google search:

What I'm saying to you and all others reading this thread: WHO gains from derailing our threads about paedos and psychopaths? WHO gains from spreading lies and propaganda about paedo victims? WHO gains by disinfo and inflammatory posts on a site wholly ANTI-paedo and ANTI-psychopathy? WHAT kind of FM posts drivel with no research, no facts, no real intention of research?

I won't say anymore. Some FMs have an agenda, and it's not truth, or protecting victims of abuse.
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