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Red face closed minded determination

So there's been a lot of coverage of this apparent decision by North Yorks Council. Makes we wonder whether its all just a PR thing to boost investor confidence? More psychological subjugation?

They've posted some videos of their Special Meetings.

At 8:01 their Legal Advisor, Catriona Gatrell says
In considering this decision, it is important Members have a clear understanding of how they should approach their decision. As Members will appreciate, it is unlawful for Members to approach the decision by having a closed mind or giving the appearance of having a closed mind.
However the Chair, Peter Sowray, has already said
I can assure everyone, that Members were very ready to make a decision today, but that will not now be possible...
It is going to be a long day; I just wonder whether people could consider whether they need to take their full allocated time?"
Evidence perhaps of a closed mind?
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