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Has new info been submitted to the inquiry from white hats in the system? Lets hope so! Lets also hope that if the inquiry does not use the information to achieve justice that the white hats will be willing to publish the information online anyway thereby not only informing the public of the truth but also exposing the inquiry. Wouldn't that be something?

Child sex abuse inquiry threatens to drag up false allegations against Leon Brittan

By Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter Martin Evans, CRIME CORRESPONDENT
22 February 2019 • 10:00pm

The Government’s beleaguered child sex abuse inquiry is threatening to drag up false allegations against Lord Brittan in a move that has caused deep distress to his widow. The £100 million inquiry has written to Lady Brittan warning her that she is likely to be ‘upset’ by the re-examination of previously discounted allegations against her husband, the former home secretary. Lady Brittan has already received £100,000 in damages from the Metropolitan Police over a botched investigation into unfounded claims that a paedophile ring existed in Westminster.
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