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Arrow Fighting G

Cleared For Disaster..

Microsoft Flight..

Simulator 2004..

It was Friday, under the sign of Aquarius - USAir Flight 1493 was a scheduled service from Syracuse, New York making stops at Washington, D.C., Columbus, Ohio, and Los Angeles (LAX), before continuing to San Francisco..Skywest 5569 was cleared by an Air Traffic Controller in the LAX tower (the 'local controller') to taxi to Runway 24L, moving from gate 32 to the runway via taxiways Kilo, 48, Tango, and 45..First Officer David Kelly, who was flying the USAir 1493 during the accident leg, reported that he did not see SkyWest 5569 until he lowered the nose of his aircraft onto the runway after landing..The accident was witnessed from a plane carrying the Vancouver Canucks, who were arriving for an NHL hockey game against the Los Angeles Kings..

Gulf War (196 of 374) - Desert Storm..

Commissioned 1985 September 11 - Gloucester served in the Persian Gulf War in 1991 under the command of Commander Philip Wilcocks where her most notable action was the firing of a salvo shot of Sea Dart missiles to shoot an Iraqi Silkworm missile that had threatened the US battleship USS Missouri and now imperilled more allied shipping; the first successful missile versus missile engagement at sea in combat by any Navy..After qualifying as a principal warfare officer in 1981, Wilcocks served in the frigate HMS Ambuscade, which included the Falklands War in 1982, when he was actively involved in directing naval fire support to land forces including 2 Para's attack along Wireless Ridge just prior to the Argentinean surrender...His ship survived an Exocet missile attack..The ship's crest features a horseshoe, part of the city's Tudor arms..

Broadcast (197) (New Zealand) 1st February 1991..

The 35 dead included all 12 people (10 passengers and both crew members) on SkyWest 5569, and 23 of the 89 aboard the USAir 1493 (21 passengers, Captain Shaw, and one flight attendant)..Two of the USAir fatalities were passengers who initially survived the crash, but died from burn injuries 3 and 31 days after the crash..Captain Shaw was killed when the nose of the aircraft struck the abandoned fire station, crushing the section of the cockpit where his seat was located..Of the remaining passengers and crew aboard USAir 1493, 2 crew members and 10 passengers sustained serious injuries, 2 crew members and 15 passengers sustained minor injuries, and 37 passengers received no injuries..Billionaire businessman David H. Koch was among the survivors..From the location of the bodies, only two victims on USAir 1493 were found in their seats, while authorities believe that 17 had unbuckled their seat belts and died from smoke inhalation while making their way to the exits..The story of the disaster was featured in a ninth-season episode of the Discovery Channel Canada/ National Geographic series Mayday...'all know me..Know how I earn a livin'..I'll catch this bird for you, but it ain't gonna be easy..We see our role as essentially defensive in nature..Will ya listen to me!..I - I can't tell one shell from another, they all look alike!..

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