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I have not heard of any story, either as a rumour or a proven account, that Titanic stopped mid Atlantic before the "alleged" collision with the iceberg. As far as I know Titanic sailed from Southampton, picked up and dropped off passengers in Queenstown, Cherbourg, sailed towards New York in the Atlantic, and the rest as we all know is history.

Yes Titanic and Olympic both looked identical from a distance, even closer up from an exterior perspective, but there were lots of small differences which would've been known about and obvious to the crew, details which could not have been changed in such a short space of time. Visit any Titanic forum and find information regarding debunking of the switch, and you'll see a whole list of things from each ship that would've had to have been undertaken for the switch to be pulled off.

The names of each ship were already "etched" into their sides before the refit took place, so swapping them around could not possibly have been done. They weren't name plates bolted onto the steel and could be taken off (or so I've read), they were welded into the steel or etched into it, and then painted in.

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