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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Again, I'm not sure if you misunderstood my question, but I was meaning why would the ship (if you meant Titanic and not the California and any other vessel said to be in close proximity) continue on when the rivets had been popped allowing water to rush in?. They stopped the engines because they thought they had had a collision and had to find out what happened and what damage it had caused (as you see and hear about in countless documentaries and films about the disaster). When accidents happen to ships, whatever the cause, they don't just sail ahead as if nothing happened hoping to make it to land, or do they?.

The alleged evidence point to the wreck being Olympic not Titanic has been debunked by showing the no. 401 that can be seen in underwater footage, as well as the name Titanic which is, or was, still visible. And no they couldn't have hidden the name and added Olympic over the top as the name was welded into the steel. And the stuff about the changes to the ships has also been debunked. Theorists assume all they had to do is swap a few things round, change the prom, etc. Apparently there were many, many design differences between each ship, far too many to have been altered.

I am not stating which vessel was used - I do not know, and most of the information available is false, as the incident is well covered-up with secret society fake reports, and numerous fake tales, and witness statements from people who obviously had not even been on the ship.

No I did not mean once the incident had occurred - the witness report said that the ship stopped mid-atlantic for several hours whilst an iceberg was approaching , and for no apparent reason on orders of the captain, before proceeding to the incident.
The ship had been freshly painted along with the name of the vessel during the refit.
I do not go for the stories about the two ships being instantly recognisable and identifiable, as I cannot tell the difference.

Which ship is parked on the ocean floor, and how can you tell?

Of course the numbers and name would have been changed if the ships had been swapped - that was then the purpose of the refit, was it not?

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