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Hmmm, interesting slant on this conspiracy, whether there's any validity of this scuttle operation I'm not sure. I've never heard this theory from any Titanic conspiracy researcher, though I know John Hamer, whom has researched the Titanic/Olympic switch, seems confident that the two ships where switched and that Olympic was sunk not Titanic (though we know there's just far too many problems with this theory), according to him by an icebreaker. I take it you don't buy that theory?.

So it was an operation, sailing out into the mid Atlantic, very few people on board? (no rich people like Astor, Strauss or Guggenheim?), the crew in the hull dismantled the rivets from the plating of the hull in order to let water in and Titanic sank in the deep Atlantic in order to prevent any salvage?. So what happened to those passengers?.

I'm no ship expert but you said: "Why would the captain have stopped the ship to lay idle for hours without reason given in mid-atlantic?". I'm assuming you mean why would Titanic have laid idle for hours after "allegedly" hitting the iceberg?. If you're meaning why didn't Titanic carry on sailing ahead then would that be because she would've been taking in more water from the rivets that had been popped, or can a ship still continue ahead even with such damage?.

On a side note, this set of photos has interested me (the ones showing Titanic leaving Harland and Wolff to enter the water). Notice the amount of onlookers cheering as she enters the water. Quite a lot. However, when I look at photos that were taken outside - taken from across the river and showing the bow entering the water, I cannot see any of the crowds inside the gantry where they would've been stood.

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