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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
No - I meant the photo taken on one of the decks that shows only one man walking around, the photo taken by a passenger who left the ship at the first stopping point and survived.

Traditionally, dockworkers are allowed to go on board and wander around, and also see the ship off if they have built it. Harland and Wolff at the time employed thousands of men at that dock

Dockers leaving work at Harland and Wolff.
Ah yes I know the photo's you're referring to. I think one of them shows Father Browne. Another photo I recall is of a second class couple, and one taken from down one of the proms showing what maybe Capt Smith walking in the distance. When you mention it, it does seem rather odd that no one else is seen on the deck, or maybe they are all just out of shot, on the otherside of the ship or are all inside. But with that many people said to have travelled on Titanic (some 2 thousand plus?), you'd expect the deck be crawling with people. I've never been on a cruise ship, and of course they are far bigger than what the Olympic ships of that time were, so I don't know what I would expect to see whilst on board. But I would presume people would be all over the place. So what do you make of those photos then? Do you think they are fakes (pasteups?), or are they genuine photos from a ship but not from Titanic, or from Titanic but with passengers far less than what we were told were on board?. Did they all get off at those stopping points and the ship travelled on with no passengers?.

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