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Originally Posted by inversedivinity View Post
People on the internet advocating anarchy are a joke. Do you understand what anarchy is? It would be a disaster where the strong would take what they want, How many of you on this board are truly confident that you are strong and could defend yourself from aggression.

Without order we would be nothing but animals and would fall into the depravity of our debased natures or enough of us would. It would be real FUBAR. Plus anarchy is transitional, Some dude would rise and call folks to his banner and march out upon conquest of it all again.
Yeah the only think preventing me from raping the shit out of everything are laws and rules against rape. Much like how yard work never existed before homeowners associations.

Wait a minute, it appears you posted a slippery slope in a glib attempt to support authoritarianism.

... when resurrecting a dead thread containing a topic of interest, its easy to blur the difference between necromancy and necrophilia.
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