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Put the breaks on, so to speak. Be mindful about trying to wake up anyone and everyone, and be prepared for the fact that most people will reject what you have to say. (Just as you may have rejected similar info at another stage of your life.) But I'd also say double check everything you read/watch or are told, and verify it.

It's not something that's easy to do, of course, because some have one of those sudden 'road to Damascus' kind of wake-up calls where you want to immediately tell everyone.

This is one of the few if not only alt media videos that addresses the question, and I've lifted a couple of phrases from it. He's not a fan of David's work - best say that in advance - but the content is sound. It's just over 20 minutes long.

I'd say it's as relevant to someone who considers themselves 'long time awakened' as it is to someone new to all of this.

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