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My take on this is classic Problem-Reaction-Solution... all orchestrated behind the scenes.

The Tories deliberately scuppering the Brexit negotiations to create choas and uncertainty - ramped up by the BBC and media in general.

Labour dogged by anti-semetism claims provoked and fuelled by the Zionist Jews and "Friends of Israel" lobbyists.

MP's on both sides throwing their hands up and claiming they can't work with the current political system - what are they going to do and where are they going to go?

Enter Tony Blair and his cronies with his radical new "Centrist Party" which promises to solve all the problems the Brexit rift has created and eventually give the country a second referendum - which will of course achieve the "right" result for the EU. Blair won't lead this party - but will pull the strings in the background to make this all happen and a leader will be chosen once enough MP's have left their respective parties, likely to start occurring after 29th March when the Brexit deadline is firmly missed.

The Lib Dems will be completely sidelined and UKIP have already been hijacked by right wing extremists to become a toxic vote, thereby dismantling any possible threats within the current electoral system.

Should be interesting to watch all this unfold...

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