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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
I think you will find the biggest reason, is that when people get into power in democracies, they can use the gov to stay in power.

Its why in america, they knew this, and limited it to two terms.

Just look at how gordan brown, tried to hold onto power, when he lost in that election, he tried to hold onto power, but eventually had to accept the result.

When your in power in democracies, you will find, its far harder to get a person, or group out, then it is to hold onto power. This is because they can use teh gov resources in elections.

But i also agree there opposition were rubbish too, but the most important reason, was, is that in democracies, when you get power, its hard to get you out.

Its why in america, they limit it to two terms.

Look at things like gerrymandering, on how gov can shift peoples into areas, to dominate, and virtually deicde who will win in most areas.

Its how uk gov, holds onto northern ireland. Just gerrymandering, making sure they hold onto that area. The only reason uk gov held onto northern ireland all these years, was because of gerrymandering.
You make a good point. I'd considered gerrymandering a few years ago. I ended up dismissing it as a limited tactic.

If it was a means to maintain permanent control it has failed. Every time. And anyway, governments who usually stay in too long start becoming too controlling or too complacent in which they are chucked out anyway. Parties don't win elections. Governments lose them. There are enough so called swing voters in every constituency to counter gerrymandering.

Anyway. Surely there are enough people in the know, not including the opposition, to launch a legal case.
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