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Originally Posted by nelo View Post
A planet has just been discovered just outside our solar system ten times the size of earth, just on the bbc now, its not planet x though apparently

The dude actually mentioned planet X !!!

Laughable? or true ?

Wheres them fucking vip peodophiles?

Could be the alleged "Niburu" in Sumerian folklore/history.
But unlike the near-circular paths traced by the main planets, this novel object would be in a highly elliptical trajectory, taking between 10,000 and 20,000 years to complete one full lap around the Sun.
Sounds like it could be a candidate for these observations of ancient peoples. Although, i believe Nibiru is supposed to appear every ~3500 years or so.

I haven't read what kind of planet it may be, but Nibiru is supposed to be a star. Going by the fact that Jupiter is a failed star (essentially) ... could this new planet be another gas giant?
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